4-Week Mindfulness for Parents Training

This is a 4 week mindfulness training with the added perspective of mindful parenting and is great value for money. Because I know when you are raising a family, you might need all the money that you get 🙂 I give all classes myself,  and I’m also a mum, of three teenagers.

The training is easy and down to earth and suitable for all mums & dads. You can even bring your under 5s along on the daytime classes. These are one hour sessions. And this can also be booked privately. Or you can host this training at your own house, no need for a babysit and get your friends to tag along. Just get in touch and we’ll discuss your wishes, txt/call 021 134 7541 or email on monique@easynowmindfulness.co

This is an all round 4 week mindfulness course with integrated mindful parenting tips and exercises to make sure you are the best happy parent you can be! Mindfulness can greatly improve your wellbeing:

  • lowering stress levels, no more shouting,
  • decrease anxiety, learn to regain your natural calmness,
  • improve sleep, and how to get back to sleep after being up during the night again and again,
  • worry less,
  • get control of your mind and feelings,
  • have more fun,
  • enjoy the little things again,
  • be less harsh on yourself, you’re doing a great job!
  • improve relationships in your family.
  • help your children discovering mindfulness, learn easy adaptable meditations,
  • and so on!

You will learn short and practical mindful exercises for you and your children.

This is for mums and dads of children of all ages. This can also be of use for grandparents, and for mums & dads to be.

Feedback from my classes:

  • Thanks for a great course, Monique! You are a wonderful presenter and I really enjoyed how you organised the class. I got a lot out of it and endeavour to build up my mindfulness and share these ideas with my family.
  • Thanks so much, it was great x.
  • I could really notice how me being calm, helped in my child being calm.
  • Now I can get back to sleep, instead of being awake most of the night, this meditation is such a big help.
  • I really liked your Northland parenting course.
  • I didn’t realise I might be expecting too much from my child, this is really helping me.

Proud to be featured in Little Treasures Magazine November 2015!


Term 3, 2015

  • Wednesday 29 July, 11-12, at Churton Park Community Centre. 
  • Wednesday, 26 August, 11-12 the Northland Memorial Community Centre. 
  • Thursday, 27 August, 11-12 at the Linden Social Centre Tawa.

Term 4, 2015

  • Thursday, 22 October , 11-12, Petone Community House.
  • Monday, 23 November 23, 8-9 pm, Karori Community Centre.

Term 2, 2016

  • Wednesday 1 June, 8-9 pm,Tawa Community Centre.

For questions and to secure your place, txt/call 021 134 7541, email monique@easynowmindfulness.com or leave your email and I’ll get back to you.

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