8-week Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction

Rewire your brain for happiness!

This is an 8-week Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Course. Sessions are one and a half hour long, all practices are included as easy downloadable links. This can give you the highest chance of really integrating mindulness and it’s benefits into your daily life. If you are looking for a down to earth course improving your general wellbeing, look no further.

If you have done a short mindfulness training before, than this is a great extension course too! It is also suitable to refresh your knowledge and to get back into a mindfulness routine.

This course is running every schoolterm, locations are Wellington CBD, Lower Hutt & Tawa. Medium sized groups, that tend to fill quickly.

Mindfulness is the opposite of forgetfulness. It means to train your attention to be more focussed in the present. To learn to be in the here and now, with acceptance of what is here. And without a judging mind. This sounds easy, but once you try, it might be harder than you think!

Mindfulness can help in getting more joy in your daily life, and get more control over your mind. So you worry less about the past or future, and you feel better. You can learn to be more positive about yourself and to be more confident. When you feel better about yourself, you will also be more confident in doing the things you really want to do!

Mindfulness is scientifically proven to reduce feelings of anxiety, depression and stress. It can help with sleep disorders, chronic pain, etc etc. As a psychologist, I want to do something that is proven to work! I will explain how mindfulness helps in rewiring your brain, using the neuroplasticity of the brain You will learn about stress, why stress is unhealthy, and how to use mindfulness to reduce stress.

In the training you will practice different kind of concentration practices. You can discover what works for you, when it works for you, and what doesn’t work for you, as you know yourself best! Daily practices can very from not taking up any extra time at all, or from 5 minutes to 45 minutes.

You might also notice that your focus and concentration span is improving, and that you are becoming less forgetful. It can also help you to live less on the automatic pilot.

You will also learn how to get more control over what you think, feel and do. That way you are more able to give direction to your life, make wise decisions, handle tricky situations, and cope with stress. Mindfulness can help in calming your self down and getting a clear mind, able to respond effectively in any situation.

This is a down to earth, non religious and non spacey training. Suitable for everybody, from teenagers to couples and seniors!

This is a great personal development course.  Training can also be booked privately, or corporate.  It can be easily adapted to benefit your company best. Just txt/call 021 134 7541 or email monique@easynowmindfulness.com to discuss your wishes.


  • “Really loved this class, and got to meet some really nice, interesting people too. Including the teacher!”
  • “Really enjoyed the mindfulness course, would highly recommend, thanks!”
  • “Just wanted to say how much we enjoyed your mindfulness course :)”
  • “practising mindfulness has improved the quality of my life, strengthened my relationships, and made me happier. I can’t recommend it enough.”
  • “We have both felt the course very helpful and have enjoyed practising the meditations. It is great to notice the practice improving your day to day mental state and see real progress!”
  • “The course has helped me to experience different ways to meditate and be mindful. The anecdotal stories and examples have also been beneficial. “
  • “Thank you Monique for an excellent course, and for being a wonderful, caring teacher.”


  • Term 1: Wednesday, 22 February, 7.30-9 pm Wellington Girl’ College.
  • Term 2: Wednesday, 17 May, 7.30-9 pm at the Petone Community House.
  • Term 3: Monday, 2 August, 7.30-9 pm at Churton Park Community Centre.


  • Term 1: Thursday, 18 February , 7.30-9 pm at Wellington Girls Highschool, Wellington CBD
  • Term 2: Tuesday, 17 May , 7.30-9.00 pm at the Hardwick Smith Lounge Lower Hutt.
  • Term 3: Thursday, 4 August, 7.30-9 at the Linden Hall Tawa.


Term 2:

  • May 7th, Thursday morning 10.30-12.00 and evening 19.30-21.00 classes.  8 Sessions at the Linden Social Centre, Tawa. Evening class full. Started.

Term 3:

  • Tuesday, 28 July, 8-9.30 at the Moera Community Hall Lower Hutt.
  • Wednesday, 29 July, 7.30-9 at the Northland Memorial Community Centre.
  • Thursday 30 July, 7.30-9 at the Linden Social Centre Tawa.

Term 4:

  • Tuesday, 20 October, 7.30-9 pm at the Church Hall 83 Redwood Avenue Tawa.
  • Wednesday, 21 October, 7.30-9 pm at the Northland Memorial Community Centre.

“Happiness depends on inner peace, which depends on warm-heartedness. There’s no room for anger, jealousy or insecurity. A calm mind and self-confidence are the basis for peaceful relations with others. Scientists have observed that constant anger and fear eat away at our immune system, whereas a calm mind strengthens it. Changing the world for the better begins with individuals creating inner peace within themselves.” Dalai Lama

11 thoughts on “8-week Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction

  1. karen 20 May 2015 / 02:02

    I am interested in your training starting end of July – especially
    if it is in Petone! Karen – 565 3331

    Liked by 1 person

    • easynowmindfulness 20 May 2015 / 08:55

      Hello Karen, thank you for your interest, I’ve already send you a reply through Facebook. Happy to let you know that there will be a training starting Tuesday 28 July at the Moera Community Hall. Let me know if you want me to put your name for it, thanks!


  2. Luisa 29 July 2015 / 22:16

    Hi, can you please advise when your next course is in Tawa?


    • easynowmindfulness 29 July 2015 / 23:34

      Hello Luisa! Thank you for your question. The training in Tawa starts tonight!! The next training will probably be the next schoolterm but I haven’t comfirmed the dates yet. If you want to join this week’s training, tonight at the Linden Social Centre, 7.30-9.00, let me know. You can email me on monique@easynowmindfulness.com or txt/call 021 134 7541.


  3. Tina 3 October 2015 / 20:35

    Hello, I’m interested in booking for the next Northland course, starting 21 October. How do I book?


    • easynowmindfulness 4 October 2015 / 10:03

      Hello Tina, I’m sorry I didn’t get back to you sooner! I’m visiting my mum in The Netherlands, so it took me a bit longer to reply. I just need your email address and I will register you for the training. I will get in touch by email about a week before start, so keep an eye out for that. Thank you very much for joining, have a good week, Monique


  4. Retrato 12 April 2017 / 11:20

    This is what people need in these stressful times. Well done, Monique!

    Liked by 1 person

    • easynowmindfulness 6 July 2017 / 17:53

      Don’t we all need it! Better still, practice in times you are doing ok, and build your resilience, for when times are tough.
      Kia ora,


  5. Charlotte 25 August 2017 / 14:18

    I’m interested in your training but won’t be back in New Zealand before mid October. Can you please let me know when the next 8 weeks MBSR will start?
    Thank you very much,


    • easynowmindfulness 28 August 2017 / 11:42

      Hi Charlotte, thank you for asking!! There will be no other course this year. Unless you want to do the course privately on skype, which is also very affordable and flexible.
      Enjoy your stay abroad!!!


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